CloudRadial is a Client Services Automation (CSA) platform focusing on client management and experience for MSPs and IT service departments. Our CSA platform isn’t just another tool in your stack—it’s a strategic client portal that reorients IT services around client needs. This all-in-one client services platform consolidates all your client touchpoints, including ticketing, reporting, training, planning, and account management.

Bigger Brains content is included directly in the CloudRadial application. Limited content is available for all CloudRadial users, the full Bigger Brains library is available as an additional license.


DeskDirector is a low code automation and ticketing solution which allows MSPs to solve support requests quickly and boost productivity with the easy-to-use service portal.

  • Collect the information you need quickly with advanced forms
  • Resolve tickets faster with automated approval chains
  • Build client trust with centralized communication, live chat, and branded portals

Bigger Brains content is included directly inside the DeskDirector end-user portal.


Invarosoft® is an all-in-one MSP platform that combines 14 tools, including; Client Portals (O365 Integrated), Support Apps (Desktop, Mobile & Teams), Live Chat, Identity Security, CSAT, Surveys, O365 & Device Reports, Automation, Bots and vCIO Platform to help MSPs & IT Teams provide a best-in-class experience to their customers.

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Invarosoft integration allows users to easily link to their online learning environment inside the Bigger Brains’ BrainStation platform.


HaloPSA is a professional service automation (PSA) tool designed for managed service providers (MSPs). It provides essential services such as asset management, sales management, service desk management, time tracking, and billing, advanced reporting, and remote access for your assets.

HaloPSA integration allows MSPs to easily import companies and users from HaloPSA into the Bigger Brains BrainStation platform.

Microsoft Azure / Entra ID

Integration with Azure / Entra ID allows MSPs and businesses to easily import users from the Microsoft 365 or Azure environment directly into Bigger Brains’ BrainStation platform.

SSO logins can be easily added to any MSP partner’s website to allow users to access their Bigger Brains’ training using their Microsoft authentication.