Three Phrases That Will Increase Your IT Project Revenue

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Yesterday I had the uncomfortable experience of getting stuck in a bad sales pitch.  Maybe I’m just old and cynical now, but after decades in business it’s just way too easy for me to spot the old sales clichés in action, and this guy was using them all:

  • “Let’s just make a list of the features you’d like, and we can look at price later”
  • Highlighting the big discounts available “today only”
  • “Would you prefer this color or that color?”
  • and the old “Asking lots of questions that can only be answered ‘Yes'”

It was tiresome and, frankly, insulting.  Even my teenage daughter said “I really wanted to punch that guy” as we left.

I suspect your clients are in the same position, turned off by the same old manipulative sales techniques.  I don’t mean to say that there isn’t a place for having a prepared sales presentation or even using some techniques to build rapport and demonstrate your authenticity and sincerity.  But….

When selling Managed IT Service Plans or any IT project, you want your prospect to see you as a genuine partner they can rely on for years to come, not some high pressure “What do I need to do to get you into this service contract today?” kind of salesperson.

So rather than relying on cheap sales tricks, here are three phrases that add genuine value to your IT service offering:

All our Techs are Network+ Certified and have extensive training in Microsoft products.

With Bigger Brains IT Reseller subscriptions all your techs have easy, anytime access to CompTIA Network+ training as well as Office 365, Outlook, SharePoint, Lync/Skype for Business, and more.  And having certified & trained techs is just another way to show your prospects the value of doing business with your firm.

To help you take advantage of all the features you’ve purchased with Office 365, we can set you up with a series of  10-minute training courses available from our partners at Bigger Brains.  It’s just $99 per user and includes over 1100 training modules on all the Microsoft Office 365 applications, tools, and features.

Office 365 is the fastest selling commercial product in Microsoft’s history, and has become an important part of most IT Solution Provider’s offerings, but the margins aren’t great.

Still, Microsoft keeps adding compelling new features into Office 365 – things like Delve, Clutter, Office 365 Groups & Connectors, Planner, etc.   Using them effectively requires training – and that’s where adding Bigger Brains online training to your Office 365 sales is a great way to help your clients AND your margins (profit margins on Bigger Brains’ sales are usually 90% or more).

Yes, all our techs have had HIPAA training – and we can provide HIPAA training for your staff as well.

This is a no-brainer (in the US anyway) for any medical clients OR any service clients (accountants, law firms) who work with medical clients.  HIPAA is required, with penalties increasing year after year, but still many affected clients (and service providers) don’t understand it.  Bigger Brains includes three HIPAA training courses (for Covered Entities, for Business Associates, and for MSPs) in our library, which is a great upsell opportunity and also a great way to distinguish your IT firm from your competitors.

Remember to leverage your Bigger Brains subscription in every sales opportunity.  Whether you’re bundling the training as part of a larger deal, or selling it directly, you’d be surprised how often the value of unlimited user training influences how clients perceive your company – and it’s much better for pushing them towards “yes” than any cheesy sales technique!

P.S. Have you completed our 4-question survey? Let us know what you’d like to see us add to your Bigger Brains’ subscription next!



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