Help Your Clients With The Windows 10 Free Upgrade

30 days left for Win10

We’re in the homestretch of Microsoft’s big push to give away free Windows 10 upgrades.

If your clients are like ours, many still aren’t sure if they should take the offer – it really depends on their situation.

But to help them understand what they could get with Windows 10 (and to help you, our IT Resellers, sell more of our training) we decided to make our Windows 10 mini-course available for FREE for the next month.

Use this as an opportunity to:

  • Show your clients you care by helping them understand the upgrade
  • Drive more traffic to your website
  • Stand out from your competition
  • Show your clients you can help them with their business decisions too

We’ve made it easy for you to setup a web page on your site with our training course embedded, plus we even created a sample email promotion you can send out (we used it with our own Clever Techs MSP clients here in Anderson, South Carolina).

To get the code and sample blog post & email, login to your Bigger Brains reseller portal and look for the top link on the “Marketing” page.

Not a Bigger Brains reseller yet?  It’s free and we hope you’ll consider signing up at

P.S. Some of you may remember we did something like this before with Windows 8 and the Windows XP end-of-support event with great results.

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